Growing your Patent Portfolio

Today's business climate demands your ideas receive the best possible protection.

Inskeep IP Group helps clients leverage the power of patent protection to best achieve their business goals.

The best way to secure your next product is with strategic patent planning.  Inskeep IP Group helps companies navigate the patent process; from getting your patent application filed, to issuance of your patent, and beyond.

Our Services

  • Strategic IP Planning
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Freedom to Operate
  • IP Due Diligence
  • Opinions


Our attorneys and staff have expertise in a wide array of different technologies, including medical devices, all types of mechanical products, and organic/inorganic chemistry.

What We Do

Inskeep IP Group focuses exclusively on Intellectual Property law and specializes in strategic patent counseling. Our aim is to provide legal advice that positions our client's IP assets to best achieve that client's strategic business goals. We are well acquainted with the distinct business needs of both new ventures and established companies. Inskeep IP Group has particular expertise in securing and managing intellectual property in the medical device business sector. This is a primary reason for establishing offices in both Southern California and Minneapolis, Minnesota, locations where such technology has historically flourished.

  • Personal Attention
  • Responsive Service
  • A Tailored Approach

What to Expect

As a client coming to Inskeep IP Group, you have a unique legal need that will be matched to one of our experienced attorneys. By combining best-in-practice counsel with our professional administrative staff and environment, we’ve set the bar for meeting and exceeding your legal needs and experience.

Are You Protected?